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Jaded, Trixie B.

She used to love love songs.


How Many Good Deeds?

So is everything that George Zimmerman does from now on going to be news? It is wonderful that he saved a family (according to the Sanford, FL sheriff’s office) last week, but it doesn’t diminish the fact that he destroyed a family last year. And the reason why he did so. I wonder how many good deeds, if any, it will take for him to clear his conscience. How many good deeds, if any, will it take for the Martin Family and the greater American public to forgive him?

I personally don’t think I would ever forgive (clearly never forget) what he did to Trayvon Martin or his family, but I think it would be great if he spent the remainder of his life trying to make some sort of amends for his despicable actions by serving others and doing good for people of ALL WALKS OF LIFE,  even those who are male with brown skin; who like to wear hoodies and eat Skittles.

An Ode to S’mores Ice Cream

Yes, this is 100% necessary!

You are a torrid tryst and true love all at once. You cool my body and warm my heart simultaneously. With your chocolate and vanilla bases swirled with graham crackers and peppered with rich chocolate bar pieces, you are the bee’s knees, the brit’s tits, the epitome of simple decadence. I thought I knew real ice cream love with French Silk and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but I know now that I was meant for you. You showed me what I truly desired.

Sincerely and Forever Yours S’mores,


Trixie B. Smacks Her Head At The Stupid People…

Criticism of President Obama’s speech includes that he is a race-baiter, that he’s wrong when he comes out and says that racism still exists in America, despite the fact that he – a man of color – was elected twice to Presidential office…


So the race fairy just waived her magic wand and killed the racism dragon but us black people just refuse to rejoice in the streets?  We just insist on living in the past? Ok. Fine. 

Hey, idiots, why not enjoy a nice deep breath while your head is in the sand?


Trixie B.

Am I wringing as much bias out of myself as I can?

President Barack Obama 7/19/13

One of the most important questions a human being can ask him/herself.