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“I had a child when I was sixteen. I got kicked out of high school because of all the absences. My family and community pretty much wrote me off. But right away I got a job at a sporting goods store. Soon I was able to get a job as a receptionist at a tax company, and they gave me enough responsibilities that I learned how to do taxes. Eventually I learned enough to become an associate. Then I got offered a job at a smaller company, and even though it was a pay cut, they offered me responsibility over all the books— accounts payable, accounts receivable, everything. It was less money but I wanted that experience so I took the risk. And I’m so glad I did, because six months later, the controller of that company left and I was given that position. They told me they couldn’t officially call me the controller because I didn’t have a college degree. So I finished my degree 5 months ago— just to make it official! So after having a child at sixteen, I made it all the way to controller of a company, without even having a college degree. Can you believe that? Honestly, I’ve been waiting to tell that story so long that I told it to a customer service representative on the phone last week. She was nice about it and pretended to care.”


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What Would You Do With $1,000 Everyday For Life???

Just saw an ad for some other crazy NY Lottery *opportunity* and it got me thinking: On the off chance that I were to win $1,000 everyday for the rest of my life, what would I do with that money? 

So here is my current “I’M RICH, B*TCH” top 10:

1. Pay off all student and credit card debt.

2. Pay off any debt my mother may have.

3. Buy/build my mother a beautiful house surrounded by equally beautiful land.

4. Get a gorgeous place for myself.

5. Maybe get another degree???

6. Donate a very large sum to Penn State’s THON.

7. Start a foundation that supports and funds education for kids in urban schools in NYC.

8. Take a vacation for about 2 weeks and take all of my favorite people with me.

9. Acquire some awesome stuff that I probably don’t need.

10. Save a lot. Make a couple of savings accounts for my future children.

Those are just a few of my ideas. What would you do if you got $1,000 everyday for the rest of your life?

Dream Big,

Trixie B.

Pieces of Heaven | 11/16/12 | Age 23

Inspired by “Nothing Even Matters” from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

I looked up

watched as the sky erupted
breaking into a billion beautiful, celestial shards. 

Tiny pieces of Heaven hurtled to Earth.
All around me was chaos
people falling violently to their knees
Somehow in the midst of this
I was calm.
While I was unsure of my fate
I was at peace with whatever was to befall me
because I had already fallen in love with you
and after that
nothing else even matters. 
-Ari G. 

You Can’t Be F*cking Serious!!!! NUTELLA ICE CREAM


Photos Courtesy: Carvel

Soooo apparently Nutella Ice Cream is about to be a real thing! The heavens have opened up and bestowed upon us hazelnutty, chocolately, ice creamy amazingness. I can hardly contain my absolute delight and excitement!!!!!!!!

Nutella ice cream will be available in a four varieties, courtesy of the ever-wonderful Carvel. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. First Fudgie the Whale and now this?!?! We mere mortals are certainly not worthy. I believe I speak for all of us when I say we are absolutely humbled and euphorically flabbergasted by this blessing.

I’m personally salivating over the “Hand-scooped chocolate ice cream layered with Nutella hazelnut spread and Carvel Crunchies, then topped with Nutella.”


-Trixie B.

Our Beloved Pale Blue Dot

” There is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves. …There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folie of human conceits than…our tiny world. …To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish the only home we’ve ever known.” – Carl Sagan.

Our Beloved Pale Blue Dot