What Would You Do With $1,000 Everyday For Life???

Just saw an ad for some other crazy NY Lottery *opportunity* and it got me thinking: On the off chance that I were to win $1,000 everyday for the rest of my life, what would I do with that money? 

So here is my current “I’M RICH, B*TCH” top 10:

1. Pay off all student and credit card debt.

2. Pay off any debt my mother may have.

3. Buy/build my mother a beautiful house surrounded by equally beautiful land.

4. Get a gorgeous place for myself.

5. Maybe get another degree???

6. Donate a very large sum to Penn State’s THON.

7. Start a foundation that supports and funds education for kids in urban schools in NYC.

8. Take a vacation for about 2 weeks and take all of my favorite people with me.

9. Acquire some awesome stuff that I probably don’t need.

10. Save a lot. Make a couple of savings accounts for my future children.

Those are just a few of my ideas. What would you do if you got $1,000 everyday for the rest of your life?

Dream Big,

Trixie B.


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