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Is Change Really Possible?


It seems we are at war in this country, and throughout the world, but that’s always the case at any given point in human history, isn’t it? It’s all too much, but it will never be enough if we keep going down the same path. Human beings are proving to go more and more insane as time moves ever forward. We continue to do more of the same and expect different results. It is not only about race, it is about humanity and life and our growing disregard for these that are supposed to be the most precious.

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A NO BRAINER! Proposed Body Cameras for NYPD

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.24.59 AM

I’ve heard this proposal a few times before but YES! This is a no brainer! As much money as we throw away in this country, this would probably be an investment. WE could all put down our camera phones and the police dept. could stop acting like victims about civilians taping what they do. These cameras should stay on every mili-second the officer is on duty. IF they turn off for any reason, that should be recorded by a trusted outside party and the officer should be suspended pending investigation. This could be a small step in the direction of helping the public trust the police again and allowing officers to successfully PROTECT & SERVE.

What do you guys think???


Dream Big,

Trixie B.

Big Changes for Lucky Magazine: The Shopping Glossy Is Leaving Condé Nast

I for one love Lucky Mag. This sounds like a really exciting move. I think Lucky will be beyond successful at merging content and e-commerce!


lucky leaving conde nast beachmint eva chen

Rumors of plummeting ad sales have been plaguing Lucky magazine for the last few years, causing fashion and media insiders to speculate that it’ll either go all-digital or, well, go out of business. Turns out, it’s not doing either of these things, but big changes are afoot for the 14-year-old shopping glossy. It was announced today that both Lucky magazine and will be spinning off from its parent company Condé Nast and will combine with e-commerce platform BeachMint, creating an entirely new company called The Lucky Group.

If you’re an online shopper, you’re probably be more familiar with BeachMint’s individual properties, including ShoeMint, StyleMint, and JewelMint, which sell affordable fashion and feature a celebrity as the face of the site. According to AdWeek, BeachMint is set to provide technology for a brand-new Lucky online shopping destination launching in early 2015.

Interestingly, Eva Chenwho joined Lucky last year as its buzzy, young, social media-savvy editor…

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30 Signs You Went To Penn State

Absolutely! #WEARE #PENNSTATE. Best 4 years of my life… so far.

Xtoph's Escape

1. You’ve said to someone “If God isn’t a Penn State fan, why is the sky blue and white?”


2. No matter what story people tell at parties, you always have one better.


3. The Creamery ice cream is the best ice cream you’ve ever had.


4. Drinks come in pitchers and cost 5$.


5. You’ve participated in a “We Are” chant at all hours of the day.


6. You’ve participated in State Patty’s Day because no one takes away our drinking holidays.


7. Two words: Joe Paterno.


8. You’ve been a Captain, committee member, dancer or stood on the street corner collecting coins for the biggest student run philanthropy in the world.


9. You know that whatever time it is, Michigan still sucks. Also, Ann Arbor is still a whore.


10. You’ve questioned what a Buckeye actually was?


11. Same thing with a “Maize out.”


12. You understand being…

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