*NSYNC gets the Rocker Treatment

998871a624f41750_When-he-dropped-smiled-Bye-Bye-Bye-video-your-heart-STOPPED.xxxlarge(The diamond studs in each ear, the gorgeous smile, the CURLS! Oh he was the definition of Boy Band PERFECTION! Nick Carter who?)

I am very critical of covers, especially when the original song is from *NSYNC, the center of my 12-year-old-self’s universe. I was an*NSYNC purist! In fact, I am not at all ashamed to say that over a decade after the greatest album EVER IN LIFE was released (of course, I am referring to the boy-bandtastic magnificence that is No Strings Attached), I still am.

Despite my obsession very formal fandom, the teenie bopper inside me just became a head-banging, guitar-smashing, rock-loving princess when I heard this cover of Bye, Bye, Bye from the band Our Last NightAbsolutely #AMAZEBALLS! The drums, the guitars, the vocals…. I think my fellow *NSYNC’ers would approve, as would my FATH, Justin Timberlake.

They should totally add this to the album that was just released that no one, including *NSYNC, knew absolutely nothing about.

Check it out!

But just so you don’t stray too far away, be sure to enjoy the original!


Trixie B.


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