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The Problems With Catcalling

WOMEN ARE NOT ALL CRAZY! At least not about this. Here’s the bottom line in my opinion: people are able to decipher what others usually mean behind their words. Saying a woman is beautiful is fine IF that sentiment is sincere and not meant to be crude or lascivious. Unfortunately, a lot of it is not sincere. You can tell by the way a person says hello or looks at you when he says you’re beautiful what he means. When you look at a stranger’s face and he’s licking his lips and undressing you with his eyes, that is uncomfortable and threatening. Continue reading


The Talk

(photo cred: Graham Crumb)

(photo cred: Graham Crumb)

I see a boy, Alexander Cameron, and his little sister, Savannah, Aria, Chloe, or Fiona (her mother hasn’t decided her name yet). They are beautiful, inquisitive, smart, and good. They are my future son and daughter. I am not expecting them anytime soon, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed about them; prayed over them. I have also thought long and hard about what I will teach them.

While they are all incredibly important, I know that some of these lessons will involve conversations that will be painfully awkward, not only for my future children, but for me as well. This particular lesson may be one of the most uncomfortable…and one of the most important: it’s about sex. Continue reading