Dreaming In Paisley ~ 8/31/13 ~ Age 24

Joyous, flourishing curls of life

Bountiful, brightly hued tendrils of love everlasting

Rich, boundless heaps glowing with the thrill of existing…

What a short but beautiful time.

How blessed are we to dwell in this world

leading, if we so choose, these gorgeous paisley lives?

What euphoria we know flying on these graceful paisley wings

What bliss we encounter drinking from these paisley waters and eating

the succulent paisley fruit





Pieces of Heaven | 11/16/12 | Age 23

Inspired by “Nothing Even Matters” from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

I looked up

watched as the sky erupted
breaking into a billion beautiful, celestial shards. 

Tiny pieces of Heaven hurtled to Earth.
All around me was chaos
people falling violently to their knees
Somehow in the midst of this
I was calm.
While I was unsure of my fate
I was at peace with whatever was to befall me
because I had already fallen in love with you
and after that
nothing else even matters. 
-Ari G. 

Songs of My Pen ~ Age 13

So this is the first poem I wrote in Golden Book, back when I was around 13. Certainly not my first poem, but the first I put down in that special little felt-paged place. It was an introduction, if you will. So here it is…

Songs Of My Pen (age 13)
Everything that lies
On the surface of my brain
Everything that threatens
To drive me insane
Every secret, precious thing
I’ve decided to leave untold
Everyone and every thing
That on my heart
Took strong hold…
All these things become
The Songs Of My Pen.

(Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/