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What You’re NOT GONNA DO!

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So I just saw a picture of Khloe Kardashian on Facebook wearing a silky, blonde set of bantu knots. Khloe captioned the pic on her Instagram “Bantu Babe”. Of course, Black Twitter WENT OFF!!!! I must be honest, though, I’m happy she at least knows the name of the style.

Personally, I don’t really care about all of Black Twitter’s tweets, and I’m sure some of “White” Twitter’s tweets in defense of Khloe K. It’s a free country, say what you want. Post whatever pictures you want. I’m sure I can guess with relative accuracy what people said because this situation isn’t anything new.

But this is what pisses me off: I don’t care if Khloe or Kim or anyone else wants to rock Bantu Knots or cornrows or whatever else. Go ahead and wear them. Honestly, Khloe looks gorgeous in the snap, but allow me to tell “you”  (people who will see this picture and emulate it thinking that Khloe is starting some new fashion trend or movement) what you are NOT going to do! YOU ARE NOT going to act like you came up with it. YOU ARE NOT going to assert that you look anymore fabulous than the brown beauties who have been rocking these styles FOREVER! YOU ARE NOT going to try to pass this off as some new fashion that you created or discovered, but when I do it, it’s tacky or ghetto or “excessively black” in a way that turns black into something to fear or snuff out. YOU ARE NOT going to let this end up on the runways and in the magazines without letting the world know exactly from where you drew your inspiration.YOU ARE NOT going to pretend that our magic does not exist.YOU ARE NOT going to pretend that our magic doesn’t enrich your life.

What you WILL DO is APPRECIATE the culture! Learn about it, and don’t stand in the way of that beautiful knowledge reaching the masses. What you WILL DO is be fascinated; be inspired; be in awe. I mean, at this point in humanity, those are all perks of living in a world with so many incredible cultures that we have access to. Our ability to shrink this great world and take in its vast, enchanting wonders is amazing! This is the reason we say “What a time to be alive!” But while you’re living, don’t starve those who feed you. Don’t starve us of credit, recognition, or true appreciation. And don’t poison us by simultaneously perpetuating the idea that we’re not quite living up to some standard of beautiful, while ” trying us on like costumes”, as Jesse Williams said; costumes you want to keep and wear whenever you feel like it. That is not what cultures other than your own are. They are people, rituals, histories, struggles, triumphs, LOVE!

And this is not just to White people. We’re all probably appropriating somebody’s heritage as we speak. And sure, it can influence fashion and help build other cultures altogether, but let’s not stop at fascination and costuming, for those are the extent of appropriation. Let go further, into appreciation. Let’s say that WHAT WE WILL DO is at least try to learn about the bountiful cultures surrounding us. Let’s say that WHAT WE WILL DO is take proper advantage of the world and the times we’re living in, bringing people together.



Trixie B.


When Being Proud of Your Thunder Cloud Is Painful

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.03.10 PMI wish I could smile this big right now but OHMIGOD! I just read three stories in a row about how people (black, white, etc) just HATE on natural hair. I’m so angry and sad, I literally just screamed and there’s a knot in my throat from me trying not to cry. It really breaks my heart hearing that my hair is ugly or unprofessional or just not good enough.

I’m pretty confident about my kinky, coily, nappy locks. I LOVE IT! It’s gorgeous. It’s awesome! I have a hard time keeping my hands out of my hair because it’s just so fun to play with, but this barrage of negativity makes me feel like a little girl again. Images like the one below hurt. (I mean, why I gotta be a hoe?! But that’s not even the issue at hand here. I  KNOW both are beautiful, but it sometimes seems that people who share my sentiment are few and far between)


My mom and most of my family did a good job of trying to make sure I knew how beautiful my black was growing up, but there was always that “why can’t my skin be lighter?” or “whay can’t my hair be curly/straight?” or “why can’t I have pretty blue/green/hazel eyes?” (honestly, I still get that last one every once in a while). It just feels like the world is constantly conspiring to make me feel disappointed in being milk chocolatey with brown eyes and kinky hair.

Thanks God Almighty for good friends, family, and bloggers/vloggers like Naptural85, CharyJay, and Jenell B. Stewart (not to mention her insanely adorable daughter Elle #hairgoals). They are instrumental in helping to welcome those positive vibes of falling in love with all your natural goodness.

So here are some kinky, coily, nappy images for us to fawn over! Let’s just BASK in it, shall we? Take it all in! Take in the glory, the regalness, the fun, the cute, the sexy, the life giving realness… MMMMHMM YES THAT FEELS GOOD!

downloadimages (1)images (2) images (3) images (4) images

If you find yourself feeling anything less than confident about your lovely crown, I hope this helps you quiet that negative noise. #BeProudOfYourThunderCloud

All my best loves!

-Trixie B

(Images are via Google search. So sorry, no credits. If you know where they are from, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due! Slow clap for little Riley in the middle and Ms. Lupita on the end)

Is Change Really Possible?


It seems we are at war in this country, and throughout the world, but that’s always the case at any given point in human history, isn’t it? It’s all too much, but it will never be enough if we keep going down the same path. Human beings are proving to go more and more insane as time moves ever forward. We continue to do more of the same and expect different results. It is not only about race, it is about humanity and life and our growing disregard for these that are supposed to be the most precious.

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Come On, Essence Magazine! Come On!!

So I just saw this cover of the handsome men of Think Like a Man Too on Essence Magazine’s Instagram profile, along with another cover featuring the beautiful ladies cast in the film, which I cannot wait to see! While I think both covers are absolutely gorgeous, I am a bit disappointed that this cover of Essence didn’t feature two other stars of the film – Gary Owen and Jerry Ferrara – who are not Black. Continue reading